Results of the year: the market for hardware solutions has systematically grown for 2022

Vladimir Levakov, CEO of the Traiv Group of Companies, spoke about the situation in the hardware industry in 2022

The increase in solvent demand happened due to the growth of state investments in the industry, development of state orders, withdrawal of companies with foreign capital from the market, and a reduction in imports. Vladimir Levakov, General Director of the Trayv group of companies, spoke about the situation in the hardware industry that has developed in 2022.

Trave's focus markets are the markets of mechanical engineering and industrial construction in absolutely any of their segments. In these markets, there are no well-established and recognized by all marketing tools, panels. Therefore, in our marketing strategy, we use more primitive tools for assessing demand, based more on our empirical perception. And according to our internal estimates, the market for hardware solutions has systematically grown in the past year, especially in the segments of non-standard solutions and the manufacture of products according to drawings.

The obvious factors determining the growth of solvent demand in the markets are the growth of state investments in industry, the development of state orders, on the one hand, and the exit from the market of manufacturing companies with foreign capital and a serious reduction in imports, on the other. In sum, the development of Russian industry is, according to our estimates, not a new trend, not a fashion, but part of the national policy of the state, aimed at a long term.

Under these conditions, a winning strategy for companies, incl. us, it turned out to be a growth strategy, a focus on the formation and launch of new products on the markets, the expansion of production and investment in staff. This strategy was successful because everyone suddenly found themselves in a situation of a serious excess of demand over supply, which is symmetrical to an increase in the need for import substitution, or a sudden reduction in supply with existing demand in other, more obvious solutions.

Obviously, not everything and not always goes well. Often, the internal processes of companies on the markets lag behind the requirements of consumers of its products, however, from our point of view, these are normal growing pains that are more comfortable than the negative impact of the external environment in other markets.

We do not see products for ourselves, the demand for which will decrease. At the same time, obviously, the demand will continue to grow for non-standard hardware solutions, which is determined by the specifics of the production process. What is even more obvious, there will be the growth in demand for hardware solutions from Russian manufacturers to replace importes, and, first of all, European products, which today have become much less accessible.

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