Business Profile of Fastenex visitors

Over 4,000 industry specialists had the opportunity to engage with and explore the latest products and brands at the Fastenex 2023 International Exhibition

Representatives of construction and assembly organisations, trading companies, metalworking and engineering companies, and furniture manufacturers visited Fastenex 2023 to choose the best solutions for their businesses. The event brought together an extensive audience of Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners and tools.

Who visits Fastenex?

Fastenex is attended by a diverse group of professionals including engineers, buyers, suppliers and industry experts. These attendees come from a variety of sectors, including representatives of:

  • Wholesale — 30%
  • Retail — 15%
  • Metalworking, production of metal products and metal structures — 14%
  • Construction of civil, industrial and transport facilities — 10%
Visitor Profile

What seniority do Fastenex visitors hold?

The company's top executives visited the event to discover innovative solutions, network with peers and keep abreast of the latest industry trends and technologies on show at the exhibition:

  • 67% hold a senior position
  • 93% of visitors influence purchasing decisions
Level of seniority

Why do industry professionals attend the exhibition?

According to the results of the visitor survey, 89% came to the exhibition to search for products and services for business and get acquainted with trends. High buyer potential is one of the key features of the exhibition: 39% of visitors spend more than 20 million roubles a year on purchasing equipment and materials.

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