AEMZ hardware shop set a new production record in December

Over 1500 tons of welding wire have been manufactured

More than 1,500 tons of welding wire of steel grades SV-08G2S, SV-08GS, SG2, SG3, GS600, SV08A, SV-08GA, SV-08GNM, SV-10GNM, SV-10GNA, SV-10NMA and S2Mo were manufactured within December.

The company managed to achieve it thanks to:

  • improvement of through technology of steel smelting;
  • development of new areas of sales of welding wire through certification;
  • the introduction of lean manufacturing tools into the technological process, namely, the reduction of time losses for equipment changeover during the restructuring of an automatic packaging line;
  • well-coordinated work of technical specialists of the enterprise with the sales department of finished products of the Novostal-M holding.