3 reasons to participate in Fastenex 2023

What opportunities and prospects does Fastenex 2023 open for exhibitors?

Today, the key tasks for manufacturers and suppliers of fasteners, hardware, fittings and tools are: replacing the products of companies that left Russia, meeting the demand for fasteners, which has doubled over the past 10 years, modernizing technological equipment and strengthening ties with buyers who are open to new business opportunities.

Statistical data from leading market players on production volumes, capacity utilization at enterprises and the share of supplies, forecasts and growth points for the industry for 2023-2024, tools to provide the domestic market and new importers with products - these and other opportunities are offered by the unique Fastenex 2023 exhibition.

Opportunities of Fastenex 2023

The only international B2B exhibition in Russia for fasteners, fittings and tools Fastenex 2023 this year will be held on October 10-13 in Moscow, at the same venue as Weldex - the largest international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies in Russia in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors.

Participation in Fastenex 2023 is a chance for the company to:

  1. Build business communications with the leading representatives of construction organisations, trading companies, design and installation organisations, as well as with manufacturers. In 2022, more than 1,500 visitors to the Weldex exhibition showed particular interest in the segment of fasteners, hardware, fittings and tools. At the international exhibition Fastenex 2023, within just four days, exhibitors can gain new business contacts, increase awareness of their brand and products, and receive large profitable orders right at the venue.

New business communications

  1. Expand dealer networks and increase the share of sales. Participation in the exhibition and communication face-to-face with decision makers, leaders of construction companies, the automotive industry, aero and shipbuilding, the HVAC sector and others, allows you to increase conversion into sales by 75%.

  2. Demonstrate your new products and high-quality import-substituting solutions to an interested audience, receiving instant feedback. The current situation on the market of fasteners, hardware products and tools provides a fertile ground for launching new import-substituting products on the market and for securing the status of an innovator and a reliable participant in the industry for your company.

Target audience at Fastenex
Fastenex stands

The Fastenex 2023 exhibition will be held from 10 to 13 October at the Crocus Expo IEC. We are waiting for you among the exhibitors of the key business event of the industry!

Fastenex exhibition