Main about the Fastenex 2023 exhibition and its sections

What will exhibitors be able to present at Fastenex 2023 and what will visitors be able to explore?

The Russian market of fasteners, assembly and installation systems, fittings and tools is facing serious challenges: first the coronavirus pandemic, then sanctions and the exit of several large foreign manufacturers. At the same time, part of their supplies has already been replaced by parallel imports or products of Chinese, Turkish or Indian production. The most active players from China, Turkey and India managed to seize the moment and gradually occupy the vacant market segments.

It is the search for new business contacts, entry into new markets and the establishment of supply chains with manufacturers and suppliers open to cooperation that are priorities for Russian representatives of the fasteners, fittings and tools industry.

In order to achieve these goals, use the potential of the industry and lead it forward even under conditions of limitations, market participants need the support of the professional community and a single platform for achieving business goals.

Fastenex 2023, the only international B2B exhibition of fasteners, fittings and tools in Russia, is intended to become such a platform. Companies from Russia, China and Turkey will present their products and solutions at stands.

Target audience at Fastenex
Fastenex stands 2022

Sections and product categories of Fastenex 2023

The exhibition exposition includes products in the following sections and categories:

  • Industrial Fasteners and Hardware

Products of industrial importance are widely used in manufacture. Such products are made of a special grade of steel suitable for the assembly of tools, cars, liners, railway rivets, machine tools, metal wire and even more.

  • Construction Fasteners

This type of fastener is indispensable for the repair of residential premises and buildings. The category includes parts for fixing structural components, skirting boards and flooring, fastening suspended ceilings, manufacturing stairs and other construction processes.

  • Furniture Fasteners

The product category includes dowels, bolt-nut fasteners, self-tapping screws, confirmats, furniture ties and other elements - all of them allow you to assemble and mount furniture structures and make them easily disassembled if necessary.

  • Fasteners for Electrical Wiring, Electrical Installation

Fasteners for electrical work are made of plastic and metal. Such fasteners are used for pulling cable routes and installing cable channels on load-bearing bases made of concrete, wood, brickwork or sheet building materials. The category includes flexible and elastic cable ties, cable fixing clips, dowels for electrical work and clips for pipes and cables.

  • Assembly and Installation Systems

In this section, exhibitors will present various kits for assembly and installation of furniture structures, parts in computer systems, for installation of engineering networks, as well as auto parts and other elements.

  • Fittings

As part of the exposition, participants will present welded, threaded or crimped elements of a pipe system used to join pipes to each other. Fittings include nozzles, adapters, crosses, manifolds, couplings and angles.

  • Tools for Construction, Repair and Finishing Works

The section includes special tools for preparatory work, leveling plastered surfaces, and in addition, the final decorative finish. These are electric and pneumatic tools, angle grinders, scrapers, metal brushes, spatulas, hammers, manual and industrial vacuum cleaners for removing dust from work surfaces.

  • Consumables (drills, crowns, diamond and grinding products)

Fastenex visitors will be able to find and purchase the necessary materials and tools for drilling wells, drilling through and blind holes in marble, granite, and other surfaces.

  • Information Technologies

One of the components of the development of production is the introduction of modern information technologies that allow you to quickly and efficiently fulfill any orders.

  • Equipment for Fasteners Manufacturing

The main problem faced by Russian manufacturers of fasteners, assembly and installation systems, fittings is the lack of machine tools and other technological equipment: new European and Taiwanese machines cannot be bought, and there are difficulties with updating software. Meanwhile, about 65% of all fasteners are produced on Taiwanese machines. But due to current geopolitical situation, deliveries have become almost impossible. On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers of such machines can take advantage of this. Thus, in addition to the assortment itself, various equipment is especially in demand today.

Equipment such as once-through and continuous rolling mills, sizing drawing mills, descaling tools, pointing and welding machines are used to produce quality fasteners, surface coating and other processes.

In 2022, more than 1,500 visitors to Weldex, the largest in Russia, in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors, international exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies, showed interest in the segment of fasteners, hardware, fittings and tools.

Segment of fasteners, hardware, fittings and tools at Fastenex
Fastenex stand

Join the unique Fastenex business event, secure your status as a permanent player on the market and find new partners!

The exhibition will run 10-13 October at the Crocus Expo IEC.