Benefits of exhibiting at Fastenex 2024

Find out 5 key benefits of participating in a unique industry event

In 2023, Fastenex — International Exhibition of Fasteners and Industrial Supply made its successful debut. Dozens of manufacturers and suppliers presented their products to thousands of visitors.

The exhibition has established itself as an effective platform for solving business problems in the shortest possible time. Let's look at the 5 main advantages of participating in the exhibition.

1. Find new clients and business partners

4 170 visitors attended Fastenex 2023. These are representatives of construction, installation and design organisations, metalworking and machine-building enterprises and trading companies. 89% of visitors came to the exhibition to search for products and services for business and get acquainted with trends.

2. Increase sales volumes

The increase in sales volumes is facilitated by the visitor’s interest: 78% plan purchases based on the results of the exhibition, and 39% spend more than 20 million rubles a year on the purchase of equipment and materials.

3. Expand the geography of product supplies

Fastenex 2023 visitors came from 54 regions of Russia and 14 countries. This will allow you to conclude new agreements on the supply of products and expand the geography of the brand’s presence.

Fastenex 2023
Fastenex 2023 exhibition

4. Attract an audience with related interests

The Fastenex exhibition is held at the same venue as the International Exhibition of Welding Materials, Equipment and Technologies — Weldex. Moreover, participation in Fastenex is an opportunity to attract a unique audience: 70% of specialists do not attend other exhibitions on similar topics.

5. Introduce new products

Take a chance and present new products and technologies to a wide range of interested specialists. This will help you get feedback right away at the exhibition.

The Fastenex 2024 exposition is actively being formed. We invite you to take part in the exhibition with your stand!